Shocking: Povella Moisturizer: Ageless Cream Reveals The Truth!

Povella Moisturizer is an anti-aging cream that is scientifically formulated to get rid of skin aging problems from the root. This anti-aging cream uses clinically proven ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective on maintaining skin health, erasing aging signs and providing radiant and ageless beauty. It is perfect alternative to unnatural, expensive and painful skin treatment options like botox injections, laser treatment or plastic surgery that gives you temporary results only. With use of Povella Moisturizer, you don’t need to waste your money or time in such methods which gives you result for short period only.


Aging brings lot of skin problems and one of the major problem is decline in production of collagen and elastin molecules. These proteins are necessary to maintain skin hydration and firmness. They also deal with wrinkles and other aging signs. Moreover, our skin has to deal with number of obstacles throughout the day like harmful sun rays, harsh wind containing dust particles, pollution, pathogens like virus, bacteria, etc. All these factors are responsible for the appearance of aging signs.


With Povella Moisturizer, you can reverse the skin damages from aging and other external factors. This anti-aging remedy nourishes dry skin and supplies key proteins to the skin to make the user look younger and beautiful.


Povella Moisturizer: Intro and Working


Povella Moisturizer is the best anti-aging cream that contains 100% natural and pure ingredients that assures you with ZERO side effects. This moisturizer is safe and suitable for all skin types. This scientific formula is free from any chemicals, synthetic fillers or preservatives that may adversely affect the skin. Regular use of this formula is enough to reduce common signs of aging and give you flawless and radiant complexion.


This lightweight moisturizer penetrates the skin surface to reach deepest layer of skin and releases the whole molecules of collagen and elastin. Collagen helps to maintain skin hydration and also helps in new skin cells formation. Elastin helps to maintain skin elasticity and firmness. These proteins dispose fine lines and wrinkles from your face and neck area. They also replenish the dry cells and lifts the sagging facial tissue leading to firm, plump and younger looking skin..


Not only this, Povella Moisturizer also locks the necessary proteins to release them when needed. It slowly releases necessary nutrients from time to time to keep skin hydrated for longer period.


Ingredients of Povella Moisturizer


Skin Tightening Peptide: Peptide helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin molecules in the skin layers. This ingredient is also known for its ability to reverse the damage caused by ugly signs of aging. It also helps to lift the sagging skin and also deals with stubborn look of wrinkles as well as fine lines.


Retinol: It is one of the powerful antioxidants that contains anti-aging abilities. It helps to minimize the look of  fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots as well as treats puffy face. It also helps in preventing skin cells damage and also promotes the production of new cells.


Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera is always known for its benefit for skin and overall health. Aloe Vera gel also treat various skin infections and skin diseases. It treats sun burns and also soothes your skin which ease skin irritation and inflammation.


Vitamin C: Vitamin C assists in collagen synthesis to eliminate signs of aging. It improves the healing process of bodily wounds as well as protects skin from harmful UV rays. It helps to lighten the look of  dark spots and blemishes from your skin complexion.


Cucumber: Cucumber is known to have many health as well as skin benefits. This ingredient is used to lighten dark circles, under eye bags and treat under eye puffiness giving you fresh look. It also helps to relax your skin and maintain skin hydration.


Povella Moisturizer Benefits


  • Increases collagen level in skin layers for maintaining skin hydration and moisturization.
  • Enhances the production of elastin molecules to lift sagging facial tissue and increasing skin flexibility.
  • Eliminates the stubborn look of  hardest wrinkles and ugly fine lines.
  • Lightens the look of  dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Reduces age spots, blemishes, skin discoloration, etc and make skin tone even.
  • Neutralizes free radicals and oxidation to prevent skin damage.
  • Protects skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays and sun tanning.
  • Tightens up the skin pores and prevents from acne or pimple breakouts.
  • Relaxes the skin from stress, inflammation, itching, etc.


Direction to apply Povella Moisturizer


  • Clean your face using mild face wash to remove oil and dust from the face. Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply Povella Moisturizer evenly all over your face and neck.
  • Gently massage your face and neck are with the help of your fingertips in circular motion.


Are there any side effects?


Absolutely Not. Povella Moisturizer is formulated using all natural ingredients that has only benefits for our skin. This formula does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals binders, synthetic fillers or any preservatives that may harm the skin. No side effects for this anti-aging cream has been reported till date.


How long before I see results?


If you want to have healthy and radiant skin, then it is recommended to use Povella Moisturizer for minimum of 60 days on daily basis. Apply this anti-aging cream twice a day as per given instruction above.


Is there age limit for using this product?


This anti-aging cream is especially for the ladies who are at the age of 30 yrs or more. Ladies having sensitive skin or skin diseases are advised to consult doctor before applying this serum.


User’s Views on Povella Moisturizer


Yuri, 39, Housewife

As a mother of two, I always have been busy with my children. I didn’t care about my skin much. This started to show on my face with fine lines and wrinkles. I looked more older than my actual age. My sister recommended Povella Moisturizer and it worked so miraculously on fine lines and wrinkles. It helped me get my younger look back.”


Melvi, 47, Manager

As a working woman, I have very less time for myself. It have caused my skin have many problems and caused wrinkled skin. I received Povella Moisturizer as gift. I tried this and now this moisturizer has become my daily necessity. My husband says I look 10 years younger than my age. It removed my dark circles, fine lines near corner of my eyes and gave me radiant, smooth and plump skin complexion. Thank you so much.


Where to buy Povella Moisturizer from?


You can order Povella Moisturizer by clicking on the link provided at the end of this article. The makers are providing RISK FREE TRIAL for the new customers. You can order your trial bottle by paying minimum shipping and processing charges.


Keep note that Povella Moisturizer is not available in retail or offline market because it is Internet Exclusive product and is marketed online only. You can order this product through the link provided at the end of this article. Beware of duplicate products.


Precautions Notes


  • Do not accept the product if the seal is missing or damaged.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Keep this formula away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep this product in moderate room temperature.
  • Do patch test in order to check its suitability on your skin.




Povella Moisturizer is the best anti-aging moisturizer that helps to get rid of the appearance of ugly aging symptoms and gives you healthy and youthful skin. This advanced formula is made from all natural ingredients with no side effects. The customers’ reviews also prove the effectiveness of this cream.

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